• A name, a guarantee

    This story goes back to 1962. Created by the skilled hands of artisan Bassan Renato forged with skill and efficiency textile articles of many tipology becaming the basis of the viscontea di Milano collection.

  • A brand, a security

    All the bathroom products are studied and created with precise choise of materials colors and finished in detail. At this point there is the quality test before putting on the market.

  • A design, a Style

    That viscontea creates embracing ideas, shapes and colors picked from more fashion lines The new, the modern, the classical and the innovative, are the perfect harmony in table collection, Printed and dyed.

  • A product, a quality

    We can find in table and bathroom materials proposed in many tipology. the different colors, the print with a selection of design and quality materials used give freshness and design complete collection.

  • Personalization

    It's the slogan that Viscontea likes, following the necessity of the clients, createing exactly what they want.


the warm feeling of natural linen skillfully woven soft cotton creates an unique bathroom collection of its kind and will match any style.


The tendency to minimal and essential approaches to the tradition of dressing the table in a unique and current way. The fantasies of the prints and the colors of self colors are combined to meet the needs of all types.


The customers are always number one and all his idea will be made unique with custom created made to measure.


Cotton and lined, the fibers for our creations. The fabrics are made of many different types and lengths to complete the range of products offered to customers.